Top 5 Mistakes of a Call Center Operator

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The performance and quality of call centers often suffer from operational failures. In this article, we’ll look at the main mistakes made by operators. After all, more than half of repeat calls are due to their fault. This is correctable.

The main requirements for dispatchers are the ability to hold a large amount of information, dig into questions, and watch their speech. Employees are constrained by rigid boundaries and communicate with a variety of people. Call centers are usually well-established. Failures are rare. Still, let’s examine the major problems and figure out how to avoid them.

Long pauses in the conversation

We begin with the standard phrase: “Waiting for the operator. Followed by lingering beeps or standard music, which is repeated over and over again. Most calls are cut off after a couple of minutes. It is good when the answering machine tells you the number in the queue or the time left. Both the call center and the operators are to blame for this error. In the first case, the reason is inadequate optimization of the process. In the second case, the call processing time is exceeded.

When connecting subscribers expect and other “surprises”, namely – long pauses in the conversation. In this case, the dispatcher is to blame for not finding the necessary information or asking for help from other specialists. As a result, the queue of calls is accumulated and the quality of service is reduced.

The caller has no influence on this problem. But call centers are able to solve it. As mentioned above, they need to engage in workflow optimization and implement modern software. As a result, the dispatcher will instantly receive data about the customer and make the necessary changes. If the operator sees that it takes more time to resolve the issue, it is better to call the client back later. The main thing is to communicate with the subscriber and inform him/her about everything that is happening. This gives the impression of a serious approach.

Arguing with the customer

When a person tries to contact the dispatcher, it means he has a problem. Perhaps he has already tried to solve it himself. In any case, the subscriber is nervous, so the operator should show lively participation and sort everything out. Not all requirements can be met. Call center dispatchers need to take a competent stance. It consists in helping the client and favorable pitching the company. The operator must achieve the goal. If disputes with customers are the contact center’s weak point, it is worth attending specialized training sessions. Training takes place on live examples, and the predictable and spontaneous mistakes of operators are sorted out.

Another thing is conflicts with customers due to rude employees and impertinent answers to questions. If there are complaints of this kind, it is necessary to keep records of conversations in order to control them. What to do next, the head of the center decides. You can limit yourself to a warning or deprivation of bonus. But if the situation is repeated several times, you can not do without a reprimand or dismissal.

Template answers

Many operators talk to customers according to a template script. Pre-formatted answers are necessary, without them it is impossible to do the job qualitatively. But it is better to use them for standard questions. The operator should not look like an answering machine in the eyes of the caller. It doesn’t matter if he is asked the question 101 times a day. The client should understand that he is welcome. It’s important to maintain a sense of tact, rather than sounding like a robot’s voice.

Contact center operators should be sensitive, sympathetic to the caller and not cause a feeling of irritation. They should first listen, then ask clarifying questions, and only then offer the best solution. Sincerity and humanity is felt on the other end of the line.

The conversation script guides the dispatcher, automates and simplifies the job. The problem is that many employees don’t know what to do when a situation gets out of hand. Anyone can recite boilerplate phrases or transfer a call to another line. But solving all the issues is not. The task of the dispatcher is to make sure that customers are satisfied with the conversation and do not go to a competitor.


Here are the most serious mistakes of operators. What can you expect from the company, if the employees do not answer your questions and do not solve the problems? First, the caller is asked to repeat what was said, then the call is put on hold, then the call is disconnected … and so on and so forth.

Of course, a template is written for any question. But there are unforeseen circumstances. The main thing is to help sincerely, to listen, to empathize, to find a compromise. One should not be afraid to consult with other professionals. A person cannot know everything. But you have to admit this and tell the client directly that you need time to solve his problem. So he will feel needed and important. He will understand that his question is taken care of and he is not going to give it up.

Waste of time

All of the mistakes made by the operators described above are a waste of time. If the client does not get what he came for, he goes elsewhere. Their loss affects the company’s profits. This is why you need to select operators responsibly. They should not have speech problems, they should be charismatic, confident, and ready to help. The dispatcher should not deviate from the topic of conversation. It is necessary to answer clearly and clearly, do not use parasitic words. It is good if the administration of the call centers provides managers with the necessary number of breaks in their work. A depressing atmosphere is unacceptable.


To summarize, we have drawn attention to 3 important qualities inherent in competent and competent dispatchers. A good specialist will always listen to the caller carefully. He maintains a calm and friendly attitude. He assures the customer that the company is on his side and is already engaged in solving the problem.

Virtual PBX (PBX) will help to automate the flow of incoming calls and efficiently distribute them among employees, which will optimize the waiting time for a specialist.
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