What IP-telephony Services the Sales Department Needs

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IP-telephony successfully replaces landline communication. It does not require any additional support or devices, while guaranteeing uninterrupted communication between employees and for clients. And additional IP-telephony services allow you to optimize the process, increase sales and organize office work in the shortest possible time.

What is IP-telephony?

IP-telephony is a telephone communication which works via Internet Protocol (via Internet). Just such protocols for connection have high capacity and can support up to ten thousand calls at the same time.

This type of telephony has its own distinctive features:

  • No reference to geolocation. Subscriber can make and receive calls in the office which is situated all over the world as well as while travelling (in other cities, countries). The mobility of employees increases, and clients from different time zones can get timely help.
  • Minimal cost. In-network calls between employees, heads of departments are free. And tariff plans for communication with customers are more beneficial than ordinary cellular communication.
  • Instant connection. You can call the office on the very first day of work. You just need to create a personal profile for your virtual number, choose your tariff and refill your account.
  • Saving money. You can save money on both further technical service and equipment. Managers will be able to receive calls on any devices: from stationary computers and notebooks to tablets and smartphones.
  • High quality connection. Due to use of Internet protocols for transmitting voice signals it is possible to receive maximally pure sound without interferences and frequent connection interruptions.

Also one of the advantages of virtual PBX is availability of additional services for managers and executives, which help to improve quality of service, to work out and implement new scripts, to create unified customer base.

These options reduce the influence of human factor on business system, allow to automate and simplify many processes.

Services for managers

Services for managers help sales department to reduce the number of missed calls several times, improve the figures on the number of processed calls, increase the speed of receiving incoming calls.

Main services:

  • Voice mail. Customers that call the company outside business hours, on weekends or holidays, can leave a message. Virtual answering machine allows to save and process information at any time, data about new voice message is sent to e-mail.
  • Interactive voice menu. Client can solve a question on his/her own without connecting to an operator – this will substantially relieve the line. Or quickly get straight to the right department. To do this IVR is set up in such a way as to redirect incoming call to technical support, sales department, personal consultant, marketing department, etc.
  • Autoinformer and the call queue. If all operators are busy, the autoinformer turns on. Robot will help to keep the client on line until the manager (any or previously assigned to this subscriber) is free. The client will be assigned an ordinal number, periodically the menu will inform about the movement of the queue. A different algorithm can be configured for each queue, the number of held subscribers is unlimited.
  • Call forwarding. With call forwarding in IP telephony employees can answer incoming calls at any time, remotely. It is also possible to set call forwarding to manager’s extension number to allow a client to consult with a specialist of required department.
  • Integration with CRM and other external services. Connection to third-party services allows you to create a single customer database with data storage: the history of calls and appeals, contact information about the subscriber, information about a personal manager (and quickly switch the client to a personal consultant), missed calls. Thanks to integration with the CRM, you can set up automatic call forwarding, reducing the time it takes to process missed calls.
  • History and storage of calls. If necessary, a manager can access past calls to clarify the nuances of the problem and quickly consult on the company’s products and services.

It also simplifies interaction with colleagues from other departments and branches: you can send virtual faxes and messages, organize voice conferences, and remotely manage projects.

Services for heads

Virtual PBX becomes a true assistant for heads, while the head gets a convenient and easy tool for quality control, optimization and simplification of processes, and increasing the loyalty of the target audience.

With virtual telephony, it is easy to connect all branches into one network. Offices can be in the same city or in different countries, and employees can work full time or remotely for a few hours. Communication among colleagues will be free.

Other services for heads:

  • Detailed statistics. This service for call management allows you to sort incoming, outgoing, missed calls by various filters, determine the level of demand for seasonal offers and promotions, collect statistics on calls (e.g., major requests, problems encountered and difficulties in obtaining the service).
  • Call-tracking to track the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. A safe and reliable way to track the results of online and offline advertising projects. Detailed statistics are collected automatically when an incoming call from a client is received.
  • Shared phone book. The single database stores numbers of customers and managers. Additional free virtual number service allows the creation of white and black lists for numbers to protect employees from spam.
  • Distribution of calls between employees. IP-telephony system defines a free or priority operator, transferring a call to him. The manager can select the desired scenario, such as having incoming calls go to all employees (who are busy with other customers), in a chain or in random order. This option of virtual PBX allows to create equal load on operators, reduce waiting time on the line, not to miss calls even during the rush hour.
  • Interaction with current calls. In addition to recording and storing calls, the manager can connect to ongoing calls to help novice professionals manage projects (for large deals) or monitor service levels.

It is not necessary to connect all IP-telephony services right after purchasing a virtual number. You can always add current options and disable those that are not needed at the moment in your personal account.

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