IP-Phone or Softphone: Which Option to Choose for Office

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To connect to IP telephony, you need to choose receiving devices. Which option is more convenient and profitable: a softphone or an IP device? It depends on the goals and conditions of the user.

Economical solution – softphone

To talk on the Internet you can not buy hardware, but just turn on the softphone. It is not a physical device but a special software, it is installed on computers and tablets. A headset is connected to the receiving device, and then it is possible to communicate via Internet by voice communication

Softphone has advantages in comparison with telephone sets: extended interface, big contact list, opportunity to make video calls and send text messages. However, these programs also have disadvantages. If the receiving computer is turned off, it is impossible to reach the subscriber, and every missed client call is loss-making for the company.

Softphone can freeze at the wrong time, require updating; its work, as in any software, sometimes fails. The quality of the sound during a call depends on the capabilities of the computer: if the resources of the PC are busy with “heavy” work, the conversation may be interrupted. In home communication this is not critical, but for office communication – unacceptable.

IP phones are optimal for the office

Office subscribers require uninterrupted communication: IP phones will provide it. It operates autonomously and does not depend on the state of the user’s computer.

IP phones are similar to landline phones. They are equipped with wired or wireless handset, the body of the device has a display, numeric keypad and control buttons. Various extension modules can be connected to the devices.

This option has a lot of advantages: reliability, stable independent operation, ideal sound transmission for both interlocutors.

A significant plus of IP-apparatus is the security of negotiations: it’s extremely difficult to hack the program of an autonomous device and intercept traffic.

The only disadvantage of IP-phones is their price. A physical device will cost much more for a subscriber than a softphone (which can even be free). However, for business, reliable communication is more important than saving money, so it is better to buy IP-phones for the office.

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