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In a professional business environment, addressing customers and prospects in a friendly, direct and informative manner is an indispensable prerequisite for high customer loyalty and acceptance. However, this is often not given sufficient attention, especially in the environment of telephone contacts.

Since the technical possibilities of advanced telephony solutions are not always obvious, we would like to present these multi-layered possibilities in text, variants and sound in more detail at this point. One thing first: All announcement types presented here, in all their variants, are fully supported by our products and solutions. You need neither your own hardware nor your own technology.

Intro & greeting announcements

Greet callers in a friendly and individual way directly and without ringing tone.

Good morning and welcome to “name of the company” – your contact when it comes to quality and reliability. We are glad about your call and connect you now.

Welcome to “Name of the company”. You will now be put through to an employee. Please have your customer number ready – if available. Thank you very much!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our products and our company. An employee will be available immediately to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hang up, you will be connected immediately. Thank you very much.

Welcome to “company” – your specialist for individual communication and online solutions. Thank you for calling, you will be connected to Mr. Muster immediately.

Variations & Usage

  • Greeting depending on the time of day (Good morning …, good afternoon … etc.)
  • Name of the employee to whom you are connected (… You are now connected to Mr. Muster)
  • Holiday list dependent (Christmas greeting text and music)
  • Caller list dependent (We welcome you to our premium customer service)
  • Origin dependent (Since you are calling from “City”, we will connect you to an employee in your area).
  • Availability-dependent (e.g. out of office hours, mailbox when busy, etc.)
  • Service dependent (e.g. IVR menu, callback, conference call, etc.)
  • Tariff announcements or prepaid
  • Multilingual announcements, depending on country of origin and/or dialed number

On-hold announcements

Shorten waiting time for callers, make it more pleasant and inform them.

Please be patient for a moment, we will be right there for you. As reliable service providers, we will be happy to assist you at any time. Please also visit us at “www…”.

Please be patient for a moment, the next available employee will be with you in a moment / you will be connected in a moment / the next available employee is already reserved for you.

At the moment we are talking on all lines. Please be patient for a short moment, we will connect you to the next available employee. If you do not wish to wait any longer and would like a free callback, please press the number 1 on the keypad of your telephone.

Variations & Usage

  • Information about products or other things
  • Mention of department or name
  • Notes on required information
  • Waiting announcements depending on the time of day
  • Waiting announcement with position announcement
  • Waiting announcement with expected waiting time
  • Waiting loops (also interruptible)
  • Music on hold (MoH)
  • Operator announcement

Mailbox & credits announcements

Record messages and inform callers.

Welcome to “name of the company”. Unfortunately, you are calling outside of our business hours. These are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. However, you can leave us a message and we will be happy to call you back. Thank you very much for calling us.

At this time, all of our employees are on the call. Your request is important to us. Therefore, please leave us your name, callback number and your request after the beep. An employee will call you back shortly. Thank you very much.

Welcome to “Name of the Company”. We are using the holidays to recharge our batteries and will be happy to be there for you personally again as usual from XX.XX. We wish you and your family happy holidays and a good start into the new year. Thank you for your call.

Variations & Usage

  • Mailbox / Voicemail
  • Request to leave a message
  • Info that no one is available at the moment
  • Info about opening or support hours
  • Info about holidays
  • Offer automatic callback
  • Request interaction by keystroke
  • Recording service for your mobile mailbox

Conference call & callback

Friendly greeting and introduction with instructions and information.

Welcome to “Company Name” conference call system. Please now enter the 6-digit room number you have been given via your telephone keypad.


Thank you. You will now be directed to the room you have selected.

Good day and welcome! You have requested a free callback on our homepage. We appreciate your interest and will now connect you with one of our employees.

Variations & Usage

  • Greeting before conferences
  • Introduction during callback
  • Instructions
  • User guidance

IVR menu & special announcements

Let callers guide and interact.

Welcome to “Name of the company”. Please select one of the following topics to be connected to the desired department. Press one for accounting, press two to go to support, or press three if you want general information. If you would like to hear the selections again, press nine.


Thank you, we will now connect you to accounting.


Please make an entry.

Welcome to “Company Name”. Thank you for calling. Unfortunately you did not win, please try again. We wish you good luck!


Welcome to “Company name”. Congratulations – you have won! Please do not hang up, we will connect you with an employee right away to record your data.

Variations & Usage

  • Announcements matching the offer
  • Consistent user guidance
  • Consistent voice through all levels
  • Fault messages (e.g. energy supplier)
  • IVR menu
  • Info about recording for quality assurance
  • Whispering announcements
  • Sweepstakes
  • PIN query
  • Voucher query

Tariff & prepaid announcements

Individual and matching to all your other announcements.

This call costs X cents per minute from “City” landline after the beep.


This announcement was free of charge for you.

Your credit amounts to X dollars.


Your credit is almost used up – please top up your prepaid account.

Variations & Usage

  • Info announcement
  • Individual tariff announcements that fit
  • Freely definable tariffs
  • Info about current credit
  • Timely information about running out of credit

Multilingual announcements

Professionally address callers from other language countries as well.

If your company is one of those that offer your goods and services in countries that are not English-speaking, multilingual announcements give you the chance to present yourself to all your customers and prospects as a modern, cosmopolitan and customer-oriented company.

All that is needed is a few multilingual announcements and an intelligent routing interface that can be used to integrate a wide variety of announcements and control them automatically as needed.

Variations & Usage

  • Depending on the country called from
  • Depending on the number dialed
  • Depending on selection via keypad
  • Address all callers appropriately
  • Cosmopolitan company presentation


Background music – pleasant and suitable for any situation.

The appropriate background music for all types of announcements and information puts the caller in the right mood and supports a pleasant start to every telephone conversation.

Variations & Usage

  • Adapted to the time of day – from fast to chilling
  • Consistent through all announcement types
  • Sound logo of your company
  • Current songs from the charts
  • Jingles
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