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Work in b2b is considered complicated, it is different from the b2c segment. You have to be prepared straight away for the fact that there will be no connection with the decision-maker from the first call, i.e. you have to use the full scheme of interaction. Often managers stop right at the first stage, when they are offered to send an offer or presentation to e-mail. Therefore, working with objections and “getting through” to the employee to achieve the desired result comes first.

Therefore, when making a script for a cold call, it is necessary to take into account and use the work with typical objections:

  • “we don’t need it”;
  • “we have our own contractor”;
  • “the price is too high”;
  • “we need to coordinate the issue with senior management”;
  • “we don’t work with outside suppliers or contractors;
  • “it takes time to think”.

The key technique in the b2b sector is the emphasis on expediency, rather than the cost of services. That is, ready-made scripts are used for promotion, in which there is an economic calculation.

The classic call script for the b2b sector has the following structure:

  • greeting – the simplest first block, in which a personalized address is important, i.e. the manager’s call takes on a personal flavor and is perceived differently;
  • Self-presentation – one of the most important elements of the structure, in which it is necessary to establish an interaction with the interlocutor without pushing him away right away;
  • a clear designation of purpose – a call to the manager can go on different schemes, but most often three are used: the designation of the connection “We – You”, the use of direct techniques “Head-on”, “Meaning and benefit”;
  • block of questions – used to send a commercial proposal, that is, a call to the manager at this stage has already brought some results;
  • transition to result communication – an offer to go to the stage of calculation, personal meeting;
  • customer objections processing – if the previous stages of cold sales scripts have been properly completed there is no need for such a block, but the formula of objections processing is still included in the structure, as it may be required at any time;
  • closing the conversation – the final step, i.e., the manager’s call is completed, and the result of the conversation should be recorded.
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