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Analytics & Telecom Fraud Detection Features

Telecom Analytics

Statistics Dashboard

View your inbound and outbound traffic using graphs designed to help you manage and understand your traffic flow.

Segmented by PBX, or aggregated from multiple installations, Humbug’s call analytics allows you to easily view and understand where, what, and how your traffic is behaving.

Map Overview

View traffic statistics by country, including average success rate (ASR), average call durations (ACD), total duration, and cost. Easily zoom in on specific countries for historical data and analysis.

Trunk Statistics

Track how well your origination/termination is performing using our trunk statistics, including ASR, total durations and total costs. Visually see your traffic segmented by each of your providers/trunks.

Custom Analytics

Setup the reports you want to track and receive them automatically by email at the times you specify. Daily email reports keep you up-to-date on your PBX traffic.


Fraud Prevention and Detection


Receive warnings via email, SMS or automatic phone call whenever one of your alerts is triggered.

TECHNICAL – receive notifications when certain technical events occur, events that are strong indicators of pending fraud.

BLACKLIST – be notified of traffic from blacklisted sources:

  • User Defined
  • Community Blacklist
  • Geographical – blacklist entire geographical regions around the globe

TIMESTAMP – be notified when calls originate from your organization at times you deem suspicious.

  • User defined time ranges
  • Business hours

COST & DURATION – receive alerts when individual calls exceed a specified cost per minute, total cost or duration.

THRESHOLD – receive alerts when daily or hourly costs, durations, or call volume thresholds are exceeded on a total or per country basis.

STATISTICAL – user Specific Statistically Significant Anomalies, receive alerts when we identify traffic that is inconsistent with your historic telecom usage.